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Christine, Founder & Director

Christine is a Secondary 4 student. She founded Redefy Singapore because she believes that Singaporean youths need an avenue for open discourse, especially in our small nation state, where some views are often drowned out by stronger, more dominating ones, and forgotten easily with yet another news cycle. She aims to, through Redefy SG, encourage youths to speak up about the issues that matter to them, and champion positive change in our society. 

Xiao Meng, Co-Founder

As a system analyst, Xiao Meng helped establish the RedefySG website. He believes that we should always do what is right, not what earns us adoration. Hence, he saw value in our organisation and offered us his technical expertise. You can find him surfing Reddit or smashing his keyboard in a game of Fortnite when he is free!

Sato Yuito, Editor

Sato is a 16-year-old student at Anglican High School. His experience in building websites led him to the conclusion that anonymity online is a right everyone should have. Sato has a wide variety of hobbies : cycling, making model kits, reading and checking online forums to name a few.

Nicole Tan, Editor

Pursuing her undergraduate studies at Buffalo, Nicole joined RedefySG as a freelance writer. Holding on to the values of hard work and resilience, success is not an accident for her. However, Nicole allows herself to relax once in a while by cuddling with her dog or bingeing Youtube. 


Avonne Chloe Gerald, Social Media Content Specialist

Avonne is a 17-year-old student in National University of Singapore High School. When she is not pondering on complex issues like the true definition of a meritocracy, she manages school events, hangs out with friends, and embarks on her quest to find good food. 

Marcus Khoo, Social Media Content Specialist

Marcus is a Junior College graduate and a currently a NSmen. He is motivated by the sentiment that all work should be done in pursuit of a greater good. When he is not busy, one can find Marcus playing musical instruments or chilling in a casual sports electronic game. 

Colin Koh, Social Media Content Specialist

Having a flair for writing, Colin writes for an online blog and studies mass communication in Singapore Polytechnic. His personal motto is “we write because they deserve to know”. When he is not writing, you can find him reading or taking photographs in his leisure time.


Tang Wei, Social Media Content Specialist

Tang Wei is a 17-year-old Victoria Junior College student. Whether if it is growing Facebook fan pages, managing various blogs or surfing Reddit, Tang Wei’s strong social media presence brought him to the role of a Social Media Content Specialist on RedefySG. In his free time, he sometimes lies down and procrastinates in true Redditor fashion. Tang Wei is also unable to survive without eating rice at least once per day.

Herwan Shah, Photographer

Armed with his camera and cladded in his camera bag, one can find Herwan’s footsteps in all corners of Singapore as a professional sports and portrait photographer. When he is not busy finding the perfect shot at the side of a court, Herwan is instead finding the perfect shot in the court itself as a casual dodgeball player.


Dexter Lin, Content Writer

Dexter is a 19-year-old Temasek Polytechnic student. Troubled by students’ lack of opinions on social and economical issues, his value of free speech aligns with RedefySG’s mission. Dexter is not only a perceptive individual but also an active participant in his school community by taking part in track and field and being a content editor for his campus paper.

Rachel Lee, Content Writer

Rachel is currently studying in a liberal arts college Hamilton College in New York. Her love for travelling is only matched by her appreciation for the small, simple things in life. Rachel is not only a writer but also a dancer in her leisure time. 

Nur Muhammad, Content Writer

Holding a Marketing Communication executive position, Nur joined RedefySG to widen his rich writing experiences, which include a book project. Outside of his occupation, he enjoys trail running. Not betraying his belief that we should always try to be nice towards others, he often participates in charity runs.

Kang Choon Kiat, Content Writer

Choon Kiat is a 22-year-old National University of Singapore student. He strongly defies fatalism by adhering to the views that the universe is not deterministic and we are masters of our own fates. Choon Kiat’s hobbies range from watching psychological thrillers to playing soccer. 

Howie Chia, Content Writer

Howie is a 23-year-old student in Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Asia. He holds on to the nuanced belief that choice is everyone’s right until it infringes upon another person’s right. Howie is also tech-savvy as he enjoys editing videos in his free time.

Gauri Kanodia, Content Writer  

Gauri is a 15-year-old student in NPS International School. Despite her belief that education and awareness are catalytic for social development, Gauri is worried about the immense stress placed on students and wants to share her take on the current educational model through writing. When not taking Buzzfeed quizzes that tell her what pop-tart she is, you can find Gauri reading, watching Netflix rom-coms, or discussing fashion and politics with others.

Lim Neng Du, Content Writer

As a 20-year-old NSmen, Neng Du’s decision to join RedefySG was fueled by his belief that Singaporean teens should be just as vocal about social issues as teens from other countries. When he is not “knocking it down” in NS, Neng Du takes pleasure in taking photos, reading as well as watching movies.

Chan Xi Jie, Content Writer

Xi Jie is a 15-year-old student from Xinmin Secondary School. She took on the role of a Content Writer to channel her thoughts on freedom. Xi Jie maintains her school-life balance by occasionally playing video games.